Why G2

We've got the G2 on jobs and candidates in the specialized areas where business meets technology.

Knowledge is power. G2 can do more for you, because we know more about the specialized areas we serve than anyone else. No other firm can match our fast, precise, successful placement of Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Application Developers.

Our industry knowledge is unique.

Information fuels G2, and we gather it from many places. Our professional backgrounds are in the specialized areas we serve. We understand the technologies involved in our placements and are always up-to-date on advances and trends in the industry and in its hiring models. Most importantly, we know exactly what clients and candidates need to know about each other, so we’ve always got the G2 both parties need for a successful placement.

Our specialization is about quality.

The areas where business meets technology are among the most challenging to staff quickly and effectively, while the time pressure to do so can be intense. The specialists at G2 leverage their own technical expertise to understand exactly what a candidate has to offer and exactly what a client needs. Our placement success rate demonstrates how our focus pays off.

Our philosophy is based on building relationships.

G2 offers the largest number of jobs and the largest pool of qualified candidates, because we build substantial relationships. We treat candidates with dignity, we understand their needs and desires, and we use their time wisely. They, in turn, consider us a valuable ally throughout their professional lives. G2 has built an extensive network of client businesses for the same reasons. Based on a close understanding of who these businesses are and what they need, G2 delivers time and time again.

Our methodology is rigorous.

G2 achieves rapid, successful placement rates because we do the hard work up-front. Several increasingly rigorous levels of candidate vetting – which determine everything from skills and experience to temperament and ambition – ensure that we know our candidates in great detail. Most importantly, our methodology means that we are always ready to identify the strongest candidates for a particular job. As a result, clients rely on G2 to move the process forward immediately, by providing hiring recommendations rather than undigested options.